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How to Convert More Website Leads

How to Convert More Website Leads

  • If you know what kind of lead you are dealing with, it will help you figure out how to convert them to a sale.
  • Timing of your response is so important, when following up with your prospects.

In the B2C (Business To Consumer) environment, most customers choose to do some online research before actually placing an order with you.  This is equally true, if not maybe even more so with potential B2B (Business To Business) customers.  This means that if your company can be two steps ahead of the game by using marketing automation tools that allow you to identify potential customers.  The right tools can also provide you with insight into the types of goods or services that they are interested in.  You have to be careful when making connections, because if you don’t time your follow-up just right, you may risk either scaring them away or letting the lead go dry.

website leadsTiming Is Everything When Converting Website Leads

Much in the same way your average customer may have to do some extra fact checking before purchasing, people who work in B2B procurement often need to seek approval from their boss, before placing their order.  They have to do this even if the value of the order isn’t huge.   Their boss will want to vet their solution if it’s the first time using it.  So calling a B2B prospect back within only a few hours of the prospect’s visit to your website, is unlikely to generate a sale.

Get Back In Touch With Your Prospect At The Right Time Of Day

According to experts, the best time of day to get back in touch with your prospects is believed to be after 3:30 pm.  It’s considered to be the most productive time of day.  Even though customers may not actually place an order at this time, they will generally be more open to arranging a telephone appointment to follow up.  You may find it surprising, but Mondays are the worst day of the week to follow up with your prospects.  The best day of the week to follow up with your leads is by far on Fridays!

Timing is everything, and that has never been truer than in the online B2B marketing world!

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