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We provide you with Email Marketing Services that make staying in touch with your customers cinch!  Developing the relationship with your customer is key to encouraging social media engagement and creating new business and bonus sales.  Email is still very much an important part of Internet Marketing as a whole.  If you aren’t using it properly, you are losing sales everyday!

We make it possible to connect your blog to your email marketing campaign.  Your staff blogger can write relevant blog posts about your business that drive traffic to your website, and then also turn around and use the same post as an email blast.. effectively pulling extra people to your site, with sales and special offers.  It’s important to have control of your email marketing services and know when the best times are to send email blasts to your list.

We have thoroughly researched what is available and have thoroughly tested several capable email auto responders.  Out ff all the email marketing services that are available, AWeber is our number one choice.  It is the best auto responder, has the easiest user interface, gives your all the control you need and they provide the most user friendly of all experiences.  Whoever blogs for you, will be able to easily manage your email marketing campaign after we provide them with training… fortunately, it’s not rocket science!

Email Marketing Services Are Great For Staying Connected With The Customer

When your customer is truly interested in your product or services, they will truly appreciate being contacted promptly after submitting to your opt in form.  With a well written autoresponder set up, you will never suffer from a flood of unmanageable emails again, and you’ll generate new leads and sales on autopilot.

Fortunately things don’t have to be overly complicated, we understand and strive to keep things as simple as possible for you.  That is why our Email Marketing Services are the perfect solution for any small business.  Of all the different aspects of internet marketing, well leveraged email marketing can be one of the most valuable tools available for creating instant sales through your network built around common interests.

We will also be available to provide in depth training on social media strategy with your staff blogger.  I will educate you on how to generate leads for your business using free social media tools like Twitter and Facebook.

Email Marketing Services, We Set Them Up And Teach You To Manage Them:

  1. Guide you through writing 10-20 emails to start your auto-responder message sequence.
  2. We set up “opt in” forms in strategic places online that will help you build your email list… and create new sales!
  3. Help you devise a weekly plan of action to keep engaged with your list by providing quality content.

Our Vermont Web Design services will help you grow your email list by designing high conversion rate Email Opt In forms in the right places on your website.

Let our Email Marketing Services help kickstart your sales, and develop a more profitable relationship with your customer.

Email Marketing Services Tool Called AWeber

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