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Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns

Your website is laid out and search engine optimized.  What else can be done to drive more traffic to your website?

Pay Per Click Advertising

We advertise using the two largest search networks: Google and Bing/Yahoo.  Their respective advertising programs are called Google Adwords and Bing Adcenter.  According to the type of business that you do, we will use the appropriate network.

  • If you are a network marketer who going for email list opt-in’s with the possible ‘thank you’ page sale.. You will be using the Bing search network, as they are friendly to that type of activity as long as you follow certain “landing page” guidelines.
  • If you are a real estate company distributing advertisements for properties or services, we will start with Google Adwords.

We specialize in writing effective ads that compel potential customers to click through to your website who are looking to spend money on specific products and services.

Before we start your pay per click advertising campaign it is important that your product is ready to sell on your website (payment processing, shipping solutions in place)  and your offers of value have opt-in forms to collect contact information and grow your email list.

pay per click advertising on google adwords
An example search using the term “Vermont Web Design”. Notice the premium versus sidebar listing options.


So why is Google the main player in online advertising?

Google is the most popular search engine, registering 65-70% of all search queries.

Your ads are targeted customers who are actively searching for your product or service.

In other forms of traditional advertising (newspapers, television) your ad will only be seen by a small percentage of people.

With pay per click advertising thousands of potential customers who are searching for exactly what you are selling will see your ad.  But you will only pay a small rate for the ones who actually click on the ad.

Don’t Forget About PPC On The Yahoo & Bing Search Networks!

Yes, there is an alternative pay per click advertising agency other than Google!  It’s all done through the Bing Adcenter, where we can target your ads to the keywords that will make your business profitable.

Fortunately for you, we work with both systems in case you are in need of one more than the other.

We recommend Bing Ads to anyone who does network marketing, as they Bing is largely network marketing and multi-level-marketing friendly.

Pay Per Click advertising is one of the fastest ways to spread the word about your business or initiative.

As part of our “Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign” service, we will:

  • Research the keywords that are profitable to your business.
  • Optimize your website to rank for these keywords.
  • Create appealing, and highly targeted Pay Per Click Ads with Google or Bing.


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