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Social Media Marketing Strategy

Just having a website is simply not enough if you want to be a step ahead of your competitors online.

Social media marketing is an important factor in how Google ranks your website for keyword search terms.

We will help you get your much needed social media presence in order and give you a weekly “plan of action” to make it all payoff once it’s set up.

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The following are examples of the types of accounts that we’d set up for you.  The most important ones being Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Youtube.  The other ones are nice to have once the primary accounts are established.

1. Facebook Business Fan Page                                                                 2. Twitter Profile

social media marketing

social media marketing strategy with Twitter









Facebook and Twitter are the two of the most important places that we will focus your social media marketing strategy.

3. YouTube

YouTube Social Media Marketing Strategy

Youtube is the undeniable king of video blogging online.  If you leverage video marketing at all, you must have a YouTube account or you are missing out on a huge share of potential customers.  Putting video’s about your business on YouTube is definitely a road to fast success for any business with an online presence.  YouTube will be a very important part of your social media marketing portfolio.

4. Google Plus

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Google is king of the search engines, a boss with internet browsers (i.e. Chrome), and they’ve decided to get into the social media marketing game.  Having a Google Plus page for your business is definitely a must considering the fast adoption rate that Google’s social network has experienced since it’s inception in 2011.  Google is now the second largest social network in the world.  We recommend using it.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is the youngest of all the social media marketing networks that we’ve listed.  However, it has also been one of the fastest growing social networks to date.  Pinterest was the fastest of all social networks to reach the 10 million unique visitor mark.  Pinterest is a unique photo sharing social network, that displays images that cascade down your screen on ‘pin boards’.  This method of image display lends itself to online window shopping, making Pinterest a great place for any business that has a lot of product that is marketed through images.

Social Media Marketing Strategy On Pinterest

6. Instagram

We can’t list all these other social media networks and not at least mention Instagram.  Instagram is the photo & video sharing social network, that grew from 1 million users in Dec. 2010 to over 100 million users in 2013.  So the popularity and potential profitability for a small business that produces a lot of video and images… is simply undeniable.

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