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We provide you with cost effective Vermont SEO services that yield measurable results.  “SEO For Small Business” that provides results worthy of Big Business…

Just having a website is not enough to beat your competition.  Our top tier Vermont Search Engine Optimization services pair with our Vermont Web Design like a fine wine!

One of the most important aspects of Internet Marketing, is knowing the keywords that reap profits in your industry.  As your preferred Vermont SEO provider, we consult with you to determine the most important keywords to your business.  A keyword search term is usually a product that is sold, a service that is provided by your business.  You naturally want to appear high up in the search engine results when people type these ‘keywords’ into Google.

Once the important keywords are determined, we then come up with a plan as to which pages of the website will rank for each keyword.  We would assign the most important keyword for your business to the ‘Home Page’.

Vermont SEO That Guarantees Your Search Results Provide Accurate Information About Your Business.

Another important aspect of good Search Engine Optimization is that your web page search result listings look nice:

Vermont SEO by Common Wealth Web Solutions

1. Google Search Engine Result listing example.  This is how your page should look when it comes up in the search results.

2. We put the keyword for the page in all the right places.  You have to keep a balance with SEO, you can’t stuff keywords!  It’s all about quality content and gaining keyword relevant backlinks to the pages being ranked.  These are the details that we have taken care of for you 😉

Look What Vermont SEO Has Done For Wholeaf Tobacco, LLC

Through proper search engine optimization, we have made it possible for a page at to rank first in the Google search engine results for the crucial keyword search term ‘fronto leaf’ (as of Wed, Oct. 16th 2013):

Vermont SEO by Common Wealth Web Solutions
Wholeaf’s nearest competition resides in the 4th result position. owns the first and third search engine result positions!

3. Last but not least we set up a dynamic XML Site Map that we submit to the major search engines.

As you can see with the example, Search Engine Optimization is a very cost effective way of driving unpaid traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization will be your best investment in growing the profit potential your Vermont Website Design setup.  It is best to establish a strong SEO foundation for your website before spending money on other means of advertising such as Google Adwords/Bing Adcenter Pay Per Click.  Put our Vermont Search Engine Optimization services to work for your business today!

You will also want to review our Social Media Strategy services.  An important factor in Google’s page ranking algorithm is Social Media Activity.  This will be the extra boost that will set you apart from your online competition.  This plan of action will also allow you to develop a more personable and profitable relationship with your customer.

We also offer services in Pay Per Click Advertising with Google and Bing.


Look No Further For Quality Vermont Web Design That Will Cater To YOUR Needs.

We specialize in converting your old, out of date website to the WordPress platform.

This can be done quickly, and provide you with easy access to your website content.

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